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Backlot Bananza

Backlot Bananza.jpg

Welcome to the world famous Act One Studios!  You can practically feel the Hollywood history bubbling beneath your feet as gaze up at the iconic Hollywood sign during your tour of this historic film studio.  You can't wait to see what's next!  Where are the movie stars?  Where are the special effects?  Where... is your tour group?  Uh oh... they're gone!!  They've left you behind, and now you're lost!  You eagerly look around for any sign of them, but you're soon overwhelmed by the chaos and commotion of the largest studio backlot in Hollywood.   You rush down alley after alley, but this place is a labyrinth, and every turn of the corner lands you in a different movie shoot!  Did you just run through a zombie movie?  Was that a superhero you just bumped into?!  Why are there thirty-two singing clowns in a space ship?!!  Will you ever find your way, or are you destined to forever be lost in this Backlot Bananza?!

Backlot Bananza Final Performance

Attack of the Oozers

The Cured

Bubbles of our Beach

Something to Sing About

Rick Boston, LAPD

Music Videos


Perform This way




Heading 6
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