Additional Online Classes

Many of our teachers offer amazing online classes throughout the school year, and we'd love to have you join us!

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to see what them crazy teachers are up to!

Make it funny!  Make is crazy!!  Make it up!!  Join in on the zany, unscripted fun, and watch as students use their imagination to create never-before-seen hilarious scenes.  This ridiculous class will bring out their creativity, enthusiasm, confidence... and have them laughing all the way!

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Clear a space, crank the speakers, and learn to dance!  Move to the beat as students combine dance and video into the ultimate learning experience.  Learn the moves, then get yourself camera-ready: cuz once a month you get to star in your very own dance video, that you can show off to family and friends.  How cool is that?!

Do you miss the community of the dance studio?  Curious about trying out a new style of dance?  Ballet, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, and more... we've got it!  DigiDance provides a welcoming and friendly environment to take a spin on the dance floor, whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned dancer!

Spend six weeks writing hilarious sketches, creating crazy characters, and performing with an ensemble of young comedians.  Mr. Jason will work with students to confidently communicate their ideas, collaborate with others, and put together a completely original sketch show for performance.  The final week of class will feature an online performance where students will debut their comedic creations for friends and family!

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Dive into twenty mini-plays that are perfect for all types, from the seasoned thespian to the beginning drama student, and can be acted out before an audience of hundreds, a small classroom, or in the family living room. Each ridiculous story will have young actors excited to jump on stage, eager to play these big characters! Scenes range from two to eight roles, and can be costumed and staged with a budget of hundreds, or pocket change.

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