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Adventure Awaits

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The old man with the glass eye had warned you, but you didn't listen.  How could he know?  He didn't know - didn't understand - what you had to do.  Nobody does.  No, you were determined to answer this inescapable question that had kept you awake for days: Could the legends actually be true?  You never thought it possible... until now.  Until tonight's mysterious fog revealed your first glimpse at real magic.  And now, staring at the ancient threshold before you, every bone in your body is telling you to turn back.  Maybe the old man was right.  And yet... you feel an indescribable force pulling you closer and closer to the glowing gateway.  Summoning all your courage, you close your eyes and take in a deep breath.  This is your moment.  This is the chance you've been waiting for.  You exhale and open your eyes.  A new courage alights from deep inside you, and you let slip a slight smile as you begin your journey- a journey into the unknown.  A step forward and a peculiar breeze from the gateway drifts to your ears and whispers, "Adventure Awaits!"

Adventure Awaits Final Performance

Time Travel Sleepover

Made in Voyage

A Peculiar Party

Mr. Big Top's Circus

Dr. Jungle

Music Videos



Time Warp


Welcome to the Jungle

Heading 6
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