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Master Class

Master Class 13.jpg

Throughout our eight week course, our Master Class students were tasked with writing, directing, filming, editing, and acting in various short film projects, with specific parameters for each project.  Each week they had to create and edit a new project to be shown in class to their fellow classmates.  Some of these projects included: create a scene based upon a story told in class, create a two-person scene where one of the characters cannot talk, or use the various footage from previous projects to create a trailer for a new, fake movie.  At the end of our Master Class program, the students acted in the original film "Pitch" (written and directed by the Master Class instructor, Mr. Josh), which also included three of the students' projects in the storyline.  These three student projects were voted upon by the students, and were woven into the plot of our final movie, "Pitch".  Enjoy!


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