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Welcome to Act One Theatre Camp, a dynamic and interactive theatre experience where campers, ages 6-15, will spend each and every day acting, singing, dancing, and more! Join us as we rock out in our unique and exciting classrooms: from the stage to the movie-making lab, the make-up chair to the dance studio, and the music hall to the improv spotlight. Campers will create and star in their own theatrical adventures, and will showcase their amazing talents for the whole family to enjoy at our end-of-camp Big Show. From the shy wallflower to the class clown: All levels of experience welcomed!

Summer 2022
Session One: The Mystic Woods
June 13 - July 1

(Final Performance July 1st)

Session Two: Misfits, Rebels, and Rogues
July 5 - July 22

(Final Performance July 22nd)

Session Three: Stranded!
July 25 - August 12

(Final Performance Aug 12th)

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Three Exciting Sessions to Choose From!

Session 1 Mystic Forest.png

Session One: The Mystic Woods, June 13 - July 1

"Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go..."  You always love coming here to your grandmother's house, nestled deep in this ancient forest.  There's just something magical about this place: your adventurous grandma, her home, the woods... her Mystic Woods, as she loves to call it.  A forest full of mystery and danger, but one that is no match for your sprightly grandma.  As you wait for her to return from her nightly stroll through the dark wilderness, you think on all the secret Tales of the Forest that she's shared with you: the thrilling Races of the Moon Fairies, the grotesque Feast of the Trolls, the forbidden Garden of Stone, or the chilling Wandering Witch of the Green Lake.  Each tale fills you with excitement and dread, wonder and fear, and... a growing sense of anxiousness as you begin to worry about the safety of your beloved grandma.  She should have returned by now.  Is she in danger?  Does she need your help?!  Or, perhaps... is she gathering yet another amazing tale to share with you?  You gaze out into the eerie darkness and smile, "A new tale from The Mystic Woods."

Session 2 Misfits Rebels and Rogues.png

Session Two: Misfits, Rebels, and Rogues, July 5 - July 22

Calling all units!  Calling all units!  Assistance needed immediately!  ...Where?  EVERYWHERE!  This city is being overrun by a massive crime wave, and it's chaos on the streets.  We've got mayhem on every corner of the city, and you're not gonna believe what we're dealing with!  We've got reports from Midtown of hackers cracking the mainframe.  A gang of bank robbers ravaging the North End.  An army of pickpockets just crashed the Socialite Ball.  And a syndicate of spies and secret agents sneaking and snooping all over City Hall.  Not to mention this suspicious group of tattooed teenagers eyeing me from across the street.  And, wait... This just in: the East Docks are now battling pirates!  Pirates!!  The police need help!  We all need help!  Call for backup, call for the neighborhood watch, call in the National Guard, heck... call Batman!  We need everything we got if we're gonna take on these Misfits, Rebels, and Rogues!

Session 3 Stranded.png

Session Three: Stranded! July 25 - August 12

Well thaaat's juuuust great.  Now your flashlight is broken.  You know what?  Maybe Mama was right.  Maybe your family name is cursed.  It's a curious thing to ponder, sitting alone, starving, and now in complete darkness.  You've been stuck in serious situations before, but nothing as serious as this.  And you think, maybe this is the kind of Serious that doomed the rest of your cursed namesake.  Mama warned you about the Curse.  She warned you about the fate of the family.  Aunt Penny getting stuck in the Himalayas chasing a Yeti.  Your older sister getting marooned on an island in the South Pacific.  Grandpa Phillipe's little time traveling mishap.  And of course, Cousin Manny's "Perfect Maze"... maybe too perfect.  But no, not you!  Stand up!  Shake off the fear!  Grab what gear isn't completely ruined from the accident, and find your way out of this.  Prove the Curse wrong!  Prove it to the family!  Prove that it won't also be you... you'll not be the next one Stranded!

Summer 2022
In-Person and at our New Home:
Glendale Community College

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Improv Classroom
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Act One is Going to College!

We're extremely excited to announce that we've found a new home at the Glendale Community College's Theatre Arts Department in Glendale, California.  We're bringing our special kind of crazy to the campus of GCC, where Act One campers will let loose on their amazing performance stages, rehearsal spaces, and backstage nooks and crannies!

Act One Theatre Camp will have daily access to GCC's wide assortment of classrooms and teaching spaces for all our energized campers to flex their acting and performance skills.  We've got a blackbox theater, a music hall, a make-up lab, a dance studio, and a mad scientist movie-making laboratory for us to create our Big Show.  This final performance will be performed on the large Mainstage, where each and every student will be a part of a song & dance, as well as an originally written scene created specifically for their group!

Located immediately off the 2 Freeway, and a mere four minutes from the 134 Freeway, our new home at the Glendale Community College is convenient and easy to get to!

Act One Theatre Camp

at Glendale Community College

1500 N Verdugo Road

Glendale, CA 91208

And to all of our 2020 & 2021 ONLINE Alumni...
Thank you for a Once In A Lifetime Experience!!

AOTC Collage 01.png

We've had some pretty incredible moments over the years, and each one has given our campers unforgettable memories and unique experiences that they'll talk about for years to come.  We've made friendships that span not only across the country, but internationally!  We laughed, we fake cried, and we all met Mr. Flamingo.  What a ride!  And as we move to an In-Person program, we truly hope that this isn't Goodbye, and that we get to see you all again.

Ranked #6 on Parade Magazine's "45+ Best Virtual Summer Camps for 2020"

Ranked #3 in Smore Magazine's "10 Best Virtual Summer Camps for Kids in 2020"

Featured in Good Housekeeping's "52 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas"

Featured on "49 Online Summer Camps for a Virtual Summer"


Act One Theatre Camp was also featured in an article for

"11 Virtual Summer Camps for Kids, Carefully Vetted Using Criteria from Camp and Education Experts"

Details!  Details!

Meet the Act One Team!
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Mr. Josh

Camp Director

& Improv Teacher

Mr. Josh has been teaching children's theatre for over 19 years, through summer camps, after-school programs, and his very own Saturday Improv Class.


Miss Amanda is a graduate of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, and has over twenty years of musical theater experience.


Ms. Stephanie

Design Teacher

A teacher with Laurence School in Sherman Oaks, Ms. Stephanie has also enjoyed teaching theater for many years in a variety of roles, from instructor to program director.


Since the age of 14, Ms. Jennifer has worked in musical theatre, film, and television throughout the US, as well as in France and Japan.


Having studied at The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, Mr. Jason has brought his on-camera training to various camps and studios for ten years and counting.


Ms. Madison

Assistant Director

A graduate of Pepperdine University, Ms. Madison has worked at various talent agencies in Hollywood, and has studied acting at Stella Adler and Michelle Danner.

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