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Lights! Camera! ...Act One!

Welcome to Act One Theatre Camp, a dynamic and interactive theatre experience where campers, ages 6-15, will spend each and every day acting, singing, dancing, and more! Join us as we rock out in our unique and exciting classes on the Glendale Community College campus.  Whatever class they're in, be it acting or movie-making, make-up or dance, or singing or improv... the spotlight will follow them the whole time!  Campers will create and star in their own theatrical adventures, and will showcase their amazing talents for the whole family to enjoy at our end-of-camp Big Show. From the shy wallflower to the class clown: All levels of experience welcomed!

Summer 2024
Session One:
"Act One On Deck"

June 10 - June 28

Session Two:
"The Lost Library"

July 1 - July 19

Session Three:
"Sneaky Sneaks"

July 22 - August 9

3 Weeks for


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As seen on "Today in LA" on NBC (2020)

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Three Exciting Sessions to Choose From!

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Summer 2024
We are fully booked for Summer 2024...
But you never know what might happen!  Summer plans change for families all the time.  If you'd like to be added to our Waiting List, we will fill any vacancies on a first come / first served basis.  Please email Mr. Josh at to be added to our Waiting List.
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Session One: "Act One On Deck"  June 10 - June 28

"Ah... life at sea!  As the salty sea breeze hits your face, and the glistening ocean nearly blinds you with its brilliance, you can't help but to think of what a fantastic choice this was.  You could've spent your summer days at any number of exotic locations, but you chose the sea.  Not an ounce of regret fills your head as you feel the warm nautical winds nearly lift you off the large ship's deck.  Oops... careful now... that was definitely a strong wind.  Yes, no regrets at all, none whatsoever as you notice... an iceberg float past your starboard side?  Wait, an iceberg?  In the warm summer sun?  That's impossible.  Weird.  Anyways, back to your wonderful decision!  Yes, things are peachy keen for you, Sailor.  Why, just look at that pirate over there, waving at you.  Wait... pirate?!  You squint your eyes to double check, but the gale winds are picking up and blowing more icebergs in your direction.  You grab your binoculars.  Yes, that is indeed a pirate... right there next to that giant octopus.  Giant octopus?!  Ah!!  What's the octopus pointing at?  You can't tell if it's pointing to the enormous whirlpool, or the floating sign that reads "Bermuda Triangle Dead Ahead".  Sailor, what is going on?!  You didn't sign up for this!  You need help!  Call the Captain!  Call the First Mate!  Call everyone!  We need all of Act One On Deck!"

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Session Two: "The Lost Library"  July 1 - July 19

"They lied about the mosquitoes.  Oh sure: the overpowering humidity, the giant centipedes, the hidden patches of quicksand... all those were accurately forcasted to you before you began this jungle expedition.  Heck, even the warnings about touching the purple flowers after midnight were spot on.  But the mosquitoes... Wow did they under-sell these monsters!  They're everywhere!  Always!!  It's been three weeks (three weeks!) and what has your expedition discovered?  About a billion mosquito bites, that's what!  But sadly, no sign of the legend you've been chasing.  And as you swat away yet another pint-sized vampire from the back of your neck, you begin to question everything.  Were the legends of the fallen library true?  Could its secret books and stories truly unlock all the truths you've been seeking?  Could "he" still be there?  Or were the tales of its magic and powers too good to be true?  Maybe the library is just a myth.  Maybe you should just go home.  Maybe- *SMACK!* -Ha! Gotcha... Take that mosquito!  You grab a leaf from off the ground to rub the pancaked insect from your arm when you suddenly realize... it's not a leaf you grabbed.  Why, it's not a leaf at all.  It's some sort of parchment...?  With ancient writing and strange symbols you've never seen before!  This is it!  The Library does exist!  Your blood pumping, you jump to your feet.  You're close... so very close.  It can't be far now.  Soon, you'll unearth this jungle's greatest secret: the legend of The Lost Library!"

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Session Three: "Sneaky Sneaks"  July 22 - Aug 9

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... slow down.  Take a breath.  You're talking a mile a minute.  Breathe... just breathe... Did you run all the way over here?  ...What?  ...Are we safe here?  Safe from what? ...From "them"?  "Them" who?  ...Look, I have no idea what you're talking about.  ...I am paying attention!  You're acting crazy!  You call me up in the middle of the night, ranting about being followed or tracked or whatever, and then you rush to my place.  The whole way over here you've been texting me dark, blurry pictures of deserted alleyways and empty park benches, asking me if I see anything in the pics.  Then you burst in here, raving about being followed by private detectives, spies, secret agents, ninjas and what else...?  Oh, of course: shadow monsters!  Cuz those are totally real.  Please, just sit down... Let's just get you a hot cup of... wait.  What is that in your hand?  Where'd you find that?  You need to get that thing as far away from you as possible... like now!  ...Cuz that's what they're after!  Yes, "them"!  Everyone you've been running from!  The detectives, spies, secret agents, ninjas!  Even the shadow monsters.  Of course those are real!!  They're lurking in the shadows, all of them, waiting for you!  ...Who are they?  Don't you know?!  ...No?!  Then you're in bigger trouble than you think.  You're being hunted by the Sneaky Sneaks!"

Summer 2024
We're back at the
Glendale Community Col


Act One is Heading back to College!

In 2022 we opened up our camp at GCC, and we're extremely excited to announce that we'll be be returning to the Glendale Community College for 2024!

Located immediately off the 2 Freeway, and a mere four minutes from the 134 Freeway, our home at the Glendale Community College is convenient and easy to get to!

Act One Theatre Camp

at Glendale Community College

1500 N Verdugo Road

Glendale, CA 91208

Ranked #6 on Parade Magazine's "45+ Best Virtual Summer Camps for 2020"

Ranked #3 in Smore Magazine's "10 Best Virtual Summer Camps for Kids in 2020"

Featured in Good Housekeeping's "52 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas"

Featured on "49 Online Summer Camps for a Virtual Summer"


Act One Theatre Camp was also featured in an article for

"11 Virtual Summer Camps for Kids, Carefully Vetted Using Criteria from Camp and Education Experts"

Details!  Details!

Meet the Act One Team!
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Mr. Josh

Camp Director

& Improv Teacher

Mr. Josh has been teaching children's theatre for over 20 years, through summer camps, after-school programs, and his very own Saturday Improv Class.


With over twenty years of professional musical theatre experience, Miss Amanda is a graduate of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, and performs year-round with various groups.

Lynne Schabhetl Headshot_edited.jpg

From the Academy of Villains dance company, to her current position teaching dance at Marymount High School, Lynne love to share her joy of dance with students of all ages.

Meaghan Vaders Headshot_edited.jpg

With a passion for working in children's theatre, and a focus on sparking the creative imaginations in her students, Miss Meaghan is excited to be the new Assistant Director!


Miss Stephanie

Design Teacher

A teacher with Laurence School in Sherman Oaks, Miss Stephanie has also enjoyed teaching theater for many years in a variety of roles, from instructor to program director.

Matt Colston_edited.png

With an MFA in Directing from LA's ArtCenter College of Design, Matt has been putting his talents to work in summer camps for over 12 years.

Screenshot (26)_edited.jpg

From New York to Los Angeles, Maddy has been bringing her talents for performing and teaching to stages, screens, and classrooms for many years.

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Don't forget to check out the Vault for our collection of camper-created craziness!

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