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Lights! Camera! ...Act One!

Welcome to Act One Theatre Camp, a dynamic and interactive theatre experience where campers, ages 6-15, will spend each and every day acting, singing, dancing, and more! Join us as we rock out in our unique and exciting classes on the Glendale Community College campus.  Whatever class they're in, be it acting or movie-making, make-up or dance, or singing or improv... the spotlight will follow them the whole time!  Campers will create and star in their own theatrical adventures, and will showcase their amazing talents for the whole family to enjoy at our end-of-camp Big Show. From the shy wallflower to the class clown: All levels of experience welcomed!

Summer 2023
Session One: "Escape!"
June 12 - June 30

(Final Performance June 30th)

Session Two: "X Marks the Spot"
July 3 - July 21

(Final Performance July 21st)

Session Three: "Mystery Mansion"
July 24
- August 11
(Final Performance Aug 11th)

3 Weeks for


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Three Exciting Sessions to Choose From!

2023 S1 Banner.png

Session One: Escape!  June 12 - June 30

Hey...!  Can you hear me?  Hey!  If you can hear this: Get out.  Get out now!  You'll never get a more perfect chance.  Now's the time to break out, and never look back.  Are you listening...?  Hello...?   Listen, you've got a small window of opportunity right now, but it has to be now.  So go!  Time to prove what you've always thought: They won't be able to catch you once you're out.  Look... I don't have a lot of time, and I think they might be listening... but know this: we're waiting for you.  We've been watching you for a very long time, and trust me: now's the time to run!  We're here to help... but you gotta make the first move, and you need to hurry!  Look, we can't stick around forever.  We're on the run as well, and we've got our own shadows chasing after us.  But they're never gonna catch us as long as we keep moving.  So come with us!  C'mon, are you In or are you Out?  Cuz if you're In, then you've got to move!  Go. Right. Now.  It's all up to you... are you ready?  Do it now!  Join us and we'll help you Escape!

2023 S2 Banner.png

Session Two: X Marks the Spot, July 3 - July 21

"Every treasure has a story..."  As you wipe away a thick layer of dust from the glass of a museum display case, all you can think about is this phrase, your grandfather's last words to you.  "Every treasure has a story, and the story is worth gold."  He was a strange guy, your grandfather.  He was completely fascinated with myths of exotic treasures and legends of lost idols.  So much so that he created this dusty old museum dedicated to those tales.  How many dusty books and dried up parchments can squeeze into this tiny place?  A museum for stories... who does that?  You chuckel to yourself, thinking that maybe he should've focused more on the gold, and less on the story.  At least then he could've left you more than this creaky, debt-ridden museum.  You shake your head and wonder, "What am I going to do with this place?  What am I going to tell Grandma when I have to sell it?  What... is that strange 'X' on the wall?"  In all your years, you never noticed the peculiar symbol, but now you can't help but run your fingers along the grooved letter in the wall.  Suddenly, with a click and a whirl, the "X" sinks into the wall, and the room begins to transform.  And as the numerous parchments and books slip away to reveal their gleaming hidden treasures below, you smile and remember your grandfather's favorite saying, "X Marks the Spot."

2023 S3 Banner 02.png

Sold Out!
Wait List

Session Three has SOLD OUT, and we're booked solid!  But don't despair: you never know what might happen between now and July 24th.  If you'd like to be added to our WAIT LIST, contact us at

Session Three: Mystery Mansion, July 24 - Aug 11

Maybe this wasn't the best idea.  With the sun slowly giving up behind you, and the surrounding woods growing deeper and darker all around, you stare at the heart-stopping sight before you.  You're not sure which is more stunning: the fact that this place actually exists, or the fact that the old blind woman truly did know where it was.  You glance at your friends next to you and realize that they're just as transfixed as you are.  Nobody moves.  Nobody breathes.  Time to choose: do you venture in, or do you turn back now?  It's getting darker and your confidence is slipping away with the sunset.  Sure, you've heard the stories about this place: disappearances, ghosts, foul play, sorcerers, bandits, and even that one about the swirling black portal.  But come on, they can't all be true.  Right?  ...right?  Snap out of it, stay focused!  You've got to shake it off, and keep it together.  One night.  That's all you need: one night.  You take the first steps towards the seemingly glowing structure and remind yourself that if you and your friends can survive one night (just one!), you'll forever be immortalized for having conquered the infamous Mystery Mansion.

Summer 2023
We're back at the
Glendale Community Col


Act One is Heading back to College!

In 2022 we opened up our camp at GCC, and we're extremely excited to announce that we'll be be returning to the Glendale Community College for 2023!

The college's Theater Department building will be undergoing intense renovations this summer, so we'll be unable to utilize their performance spaces this year... sad drama mask :C

BUT we will be able to use other spaces on campus, and we've booked two professional theaters for our end of camp Big Shows... happy drama mask :D

Our new FINAL PERFORMANCE Locations:

Session One:  The Colony Theatre

555 N. 3rd St.

Burbank, CA 91502

(Check out the Colony here)

Sessions Two & Three:  TBA

Located immediately off the 2 Freeway, and a mere four minutes from the 134 Freeway, our home at the Glendale Community College is convenient and easy to get to!

Act One Theatre Camp

at Glendale Community College

1500 N Verdugo Road

Glendale, CA 91208

Ranked #6 on Parade Magazine's "45+ Best Virtual Summer Camps for 2020"

Ranked #3 in Smore Magazine's "10 Best Virtual Summer Camps for Kids in 2020"

Featured in Good Housekeeping's "52 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas"

Featured on "49 Online Summer Camps for a Virtual Summer"


Act One Theatre Camp was also featured in an article for

"11 Virtual Summer Camps for Kids, Carefully Vetted Using Criteria from Camp and Education Experts"

Details!  Details!

Meet the Act One Team!
Commercial 2.jpg

Mr. Josh

Camp Director

& Improv Teacher

Mr. Josh has been teaching children's theatre for over 20 years, through summer camps, after-school programs, and his very own Saturday Improv Class.


With over twenty years of professional musical theatre experience, Miss Amanda is a graduate of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, and performs year-round with various groups.

Lynne Schabhetl Headshot_edited.jpg

From the Academy of Villains dance company, to her current position teaching dance at Marymount High School, Lynne love to share her joy of dance with students of all ages.

Jodi Lynn.jpg

A graduate from Las Vegas Academy of Visual and Performing Arts and the University of Northern Colorado, Miss Jodi Lynn brings over twenty years of experience as an actor, producer, and writer.


Miss Stephanie

Design Teacher

A teacher with Laurence School in Sherman Oaks, Miss Stephanie has also enjoyed teaching theater for many years in a variety of roles, from instructor to program director.


Having studied at The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, Mr. Jason has brought his on-camera training to various camps and studios for ten years and counting.

Meaghan Vaders Headshot_edited.jpg

With a passion for working in children's theatre, and a focus on sparking the creative imaginations in her students, Miss Meaghan is excited for her Act One debut.

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Don't forget to check out the Vault for our collection of camper-created craziness!

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