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Act One Theatre Camp
is now ONLINE!

A new ONLINE summer camp which brings the exciting world of theatre home to your living room!  Join us for a dynamic and interactive theatre experience for children and teens, ages 6-15, where students spend each and every day acting, singing, dancing, and more... all ONLINE!

Summer 2020
Session One: Mall Madness
June 15 - July 3
(Final Performance July 5)
Session Two: Vacation Meltdown
July 6 - July 24
(Final Performance July 26)
Session Three: Fear Factory
July 27 - August 14
(Final Performance August 16)

3 Weeks for


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Ranked #6 on Parade Magazine's "40+ Best Virtual Summer Camps for 2020"

Ranked #4 on "32 Ways to Keep Campers Happy at Home"

Featured in Good Housekeeping's "30 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas"

Featured on "29 Online Summer Camps for a Virtual Summer"

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Three Exciting Sessions to Choose From!

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Session One: Mall Madness, June 15 - July 3

Grab your allowance, text your best friends, and head on down to the only place that truly matters: The Mall!  Take over the food court, crash the arcade, try on all the clothes you know you aren't really going to buy, and run amok in the parking garage... just don't get caught by mall security!  No parents, no rules, no limit to the adventure!  Join us for Mall Madness as we explore the unique and wonderfully isolated world of the local mall, where the possibilities are endless, and life changes from one store to the next.  To the Mall!

Sorry!  Session One is currently SOLD OUT.

But who knows what will happen!

If you'd like to be added to the Wait List, it's FREE to join!  Simply email Mr. Josh at to jump on this list

Session 2.png

Sold Out!

Wait List


Session Two: Vacation Meltdown, July 6 - July 24

Vacation Time!  Sunglasses on, and your vay-cay starts now.  You've been planning this vacation for months, and you've thought of everything... So how is it possible to have so many things go so wrong?!  Disaster follows you with every step, and you can't seem to do anything right.  Your money was stolen, the locals are trying to run you out of town, and you're pretty sure that strange animal looking at you thinks you're dinner.  Forget about making it back to your hotel room, at this point you're just trying to get out of here alive!  You better find some good luck soon, cuz this is about to be a total and complete Vacation Meltdown!

Sorry!  Session Two is currently SOLD OUT.

But who knows what will happen!

If you'd like to be added to the Wait List, it's FREE to join!  Simply email Mr. Josh at to jump on this list

Session 3.1.png

Sold Out!

Wait List


Session Three: Fear Factory, July 27 - August 14

On a dark night with the fog creeping towards you from all sides, you find yourself on the shady outskirts of town, stumbling to find your way.  A tall shadow of a building looms large before you in the fog, and it's flickering front light draws you closer.  For reasons you can't explain, you swallow your fear and find yourself venturing into the cold dark structure.  A mysterious shape of a man slinks out from the shadows behind you, and places two bony hands upon your shoulders.  He leans in your ear and says, "Welcome back to the Fear Factory"  ...and you know you're home.

Sorry!  Session Three is currently SOLD OUT.

But who knows what will happen!

If you'd like to be added to the Wait List, it's FREE to join!  Simply email Mr. Josh at to jump on this list

Campers from around the country

are signing up to join us online!

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Details!  Details!

Age & Pricing
The Quick pitch
Daily Schedule
Extended hours
The Big Show
Alex Theatre
Meet the Act One Team!

"...this camp has some seriously credentialed thespians teaching kids

through this virtual camp experience."

-32 Ways to Keep Campers Happy at Home

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Mr. Josh

Camp Director

& Improv Teacher

Mr. Josh has been teaching children's theatre for over 17 years, through summer camps, after-school programs, and his very own Saturday Improv Class.


Mr. Taylor

Singing Teacher

Mr. Taylor has taught theatre at the Azusa Renaissance Theater, Baldwin Park HS, and is the current Drama Teacher at both Hillside HS and Maranatha HS.


Ms. Stephanie

Design Teacher

A substitute teacher with the Burbank school district, Ms. Stephanie has also enjoyed teaching theater for many years in a variety of roles, from instructor to program director.


Ms. Jennifer

Dance Teacher

Since the age of 14, Ms. Jennifer has worked in musical theatre, film, and television throughout the US, as well as in France and Japan.


Mr. Jason

On-Camera Teacher

Having studied at The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, Mr. Jason has brought his on-camera training to various camps and studios for seven years and counting.


Ms. Chloe

Assistant Director

A graduate of CSUN, Ms. Chloe has utilized her BA in Psychology and minor in HRM for nine years of administrative assistance in children's theatre programs.

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