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Winter Session

*For some days there are multiple crafts listed. It is not mandatory for them to be prepared to do them all. The different options each day are to allow for them to still participate in case some supplies are not available. Feel free to pick the ones that you have all the supplies for. DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING EXTRA*

Welcome Monday! 

  • Welcome to Wrap Party! 

Winter Wonderland Tuesday

Penguin Handprint Scene 

  • Supplies: paper (colored and/or plain), markers, scissors, tape or glue, and something to color with.

Polar Bear Handprint Scene 

  • Supplies: paper (colored and/or plain), markers, scissors, tape or glue, and something to color with. 

Reindeer Headband 

  • Supplies: printout, scissors, tape or glue, something to color with. 

Snowflake Wednesday

Q-tip Snowflakes 

  • Supplies: Q-tips, paper (colored and/or plain), scissors, and glue

Cotton ball Snowflakes 

  • Supplies: Cotton balls, paper (colored and/or plain), glue, and scissors 

3d Snowflakes 

  • Supplies: print out, scissors, glue, sequins or glitter (optional) 

Salt Snowflakes 

  • Supplies: paper (colored and/or plain), white glue, salt, paintbrush, watercolor (optional), and water.

Classic Snowflakes

  • Supplies: paper (colored and/or plain), and scissors 

Snowman Monday

Glue resist Snowman 

  • Supplies: paper (plain), white glue, something to color with (watercolors or markers), paintbrush, water.

Paper Snowman 

  • Supplies: paper (colored and plain), scissors, and markers 

Do you wanna Build a Snowman Scavenger Hunt! 

Snow day Tuesday

Option 1 

  • Supplies: baking soda, bowl, water in spray bottle, and something to add in (glitter or sequins) (optional) 

Option 2 

  • Supplies: baking soda, hair conditioner, and a bowl​

Winter Olympics Wednesday  

Supplies: cotton balls, paper, printouts, something to color with, and pencil


Click here for Kahoot 

New Years Eve!

Supplies: printout, and something to color with 

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