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Established in 1901, the once luxurious Hotel Shakespeare has seen better days.  At one time a haven for movies stars and royalty alike, the hotel has long since lost her luster, and is on the verge of shutting her doors for good.  But tonight finds the hotel busting at the seams, as one bellhop is left alone to somehow manage a surprise surge of guests.  Running from room to room, can the bellhop meet all the needs of these peculiar guests, or will the whole building collapse from all the night's craziness?  Call the front desk and book your stay now, because this might be the final curtain call for the Hotel Shakespeare!



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Group One

with Mr. Josh

2:55-3:00 - Daily Welcome
3:00-3:25 - Improv Comedy
3:30-3:55 - On-Camera Lab

4:00-4:30 - Acting Class
4:30-4:35 - Curtain Call

Group Two

with Mr. Jason

2:55-3:00 - Daily Welcome
3:00-3:25 - On-Camera Lab
3:30-3:55 - Improv Comedy

4:00-4:30 - Acting Class
4:30-4:35 - Curtain Call



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Group One

with Mr. Josh

Emma F.

Logan W.

Jean G.

Scott S.

Charles X.

Kurt W.

Remy L.

Erik L.

Warren W.

Elizabeth B.

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Group Two

with Mr. Jason

Bruce B.

Steve R.

Natasha R.

Tony S.

Peter P.

Clint B.

Wanda M.

Scott L.

Nick F.

James R.

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Final Movie

Final Movie

 Thursday, July 16th

Thursday Trivia

Friday, July 17th

Dress Up Day: "Suitcase Explosion"

Friday, July 17th

Talent Show!

Saturday, July 18th

All Dance BEEP Videos Available Online (AM)

Sunday, July 19th

All FINAL Music Video Footage Due to Ms. Jennifer via DropBox link (8pm PST)


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Join us for the YouTube Premiere of our Final Movie on Sunday, November 8th at 5:15pm PST

Click below for the show, and don't be late!

Hotel Shakespeare

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