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COVID-19 Response

A Message

from the Act One Team

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Well, summer is just around the corner, and we've come to the decision that Act One Theatre Camp is officially changing its venue!  We're moving the whole shebang from the Alex Theatre straight into the comfort and safety of your own home!


The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, May 12th, and announced that the stay-at-home orders will "with all certainty" be extended through the month of July.  With this declaration, we've decided that the only safe thing to do for our campers is to change the location for our new summer camp.

Our #1 concern is for the health and safety of the students who will be involved in our summer camp.  And although the situation continues to change and evolve on a daily basis, we've decided that, for the children's safety, we need to move our camp location from the Alex Theatre to an online platform.

Utilizing the online communication service Zoom, Act One Theatre Camp will be available for students from the safety of their own home.  We'll still be able to offer all of our awesome classes, with students participating in every class, every day!  And we'll even keep offering all the extra goodies that they know and love:

-Dress-Up Days

-Talent Show

-Thursday Trivia

-After-Care Wrap Party

-The Big Final Performance!

We understand that there will definitely be a bunch of disappointment out there, but we're still determined to offer an amazing and awesome experience for these young actors.  There's not a lot of options out there for kids this summer (with many camps shuttering completely, and the ability to simply hang out at the beach, mall, park, or with friends eliminated), so we're excited to give them a place to come everyday to see their friends and have a blast!  We hope you'll join us!!

Check out our Online Camp FAQ page!

Still trying to figure out how a virtual camp will operate?

We've got tons of answers for you!

Example Final Perfomance

Wondering how the Final Performance is going to work?  Check out our original, new skit

"From Paris to... Murder"

to get an example of how we can still showcase our young performers' talents online!

Written and edited by Mr. Josh, this fun and entertaining scene is a fantastic example of how we're planning on providing creative and engaging acting opportunities for all of our students.  These actors were given a script and a few pointers on how to film it... and they were off!  They came up with all of their own make-up, costumes, props, set designs, and accents.  Some of them even had their parents and older siblings chip in to help read lines off-camera, giving the whole family a fun and memorable project that they worked on together during these Stay at Home times.


And it was so easy for the actors to do!

All the footage was shot on cell phones, and sent to Mr. Josh via Dropbox or Google Drive.

For online summer camp, we can use this same technique, or have the teachers film them during acting class via Zoom!

Now then... grab your train ticket, check your luggage, and settle into your cabin

as the older students from Mr. Josh's Saturday Improv Class present, "From Paris... to Murder!"


Enjoy the show!

Curious as to how we can offer our exciting classes online?  Take a look at this short video, which stars our very own Miss Jennifer, as she teaches her energetic Dance Class to an online class of young dancers.

Exmpl Dance Class

The Wrap Party!

A silly video to explain all the details of our aftercare program, the Wrap Party. Watch our Camp Director, Mr. Josh, as he interviews the teacher who will be running the Wrap Party, Assistant Director Miss Chloe. We even have a special guest, former camper Pressley, to spice things up a bit!

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