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COVID-19 Protocols


Yes!  We're still ONLINE for Summer 2021!

A Message from our Camp Director, Mr. Josh

May 25th, 2021:

Things are opening up!  Masks are coming off!  We can get haircuts again!


The Act One Team is just as excited for these things as you are, and we're eagerly looking forward to the possibility of finally saying bye-bye to Covid this summer.

But for some kids:

-the vaccine is not available for their age group

-they live with family members who are at high risk of infection

-or they aren't comfortable yet with big social gatherings

...and so they need a different kind of camp option.


Or maybe they're looking for other kids who are just stoked to create movies and music videos that they can show off to all of their friends and family!

We invite you to come play with us!

We'll be ONLINE for the entire summer, and we'd love to have you join in on all the crazy fun of Act One Theatre Camp!

Bring the excitement and glamour of Hollywood straight to your living room, and get a taste of The Entertainment Biz as you help create originally written movies and wild music videos with some of LA's silliest working professionals.

We've got three fantastic 3-week sessions to choose from, and a world of creativity to tap into.  So let's makes some cool stuff together!


-Mr. Josh

A Message

from the Act One Team

Our #1 concern is for the health and safety of the students who will be involved in our programs.  For this reason, the decision was made in spring of 2020 to move our summer camp from the beautiful Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA to the online platform Zoom.  We were extremely sad to not be able to use the Alex, and we were definitely nervous about moving the entire camp to a 100% digital format.

But to our pleasant surprise, it was amazing!!  Not only did we have truly astounding young actors join us from all over the country, but we even had students from all over the world jump in: from Canada, to Mexico, to Uruguay, and even as far away as Saudi Arabia!

Each session brought more and more eager students from all over the map, and we were able to create some truly magnificent pieces of art.  Their final movies were awesome, and are now a digital memory that they'll be able to share and re-watch for years to come.

We had so much fun this summer, that we didn't want it to end!  This Fall we held our 8-week, Shakespeare-inspired program (Act One After School), and this past December we said bye-bye to 2020 with our 2-week program, "That's a Wrap!"


We're extremely excited for Summer 2021, and we hope you'll join us!!

Is Act One Theatre Camp definitely going to be online for Summer 2021?

AA Message from our Camp Director, Mr. Josh

March 2nd, 2021:

I know that some of the local schools here in Los Angeles are slowly heading towards opening up in-person instruction, but only with strict guidelines.  Most of these include: face coverings 100% of the time, keeping students separated into large individual circles with a radius of approximately 113 feet each (to maintain the 6 foot rule), and the elimination of large group activities like recess, lunches, and assemblies.


If we were to apply these to an in-person theatre summer camp program, it is my opinion that it would severely impact the joy and excitement of our summer camp, and take away from the overall amazing experience that our team has provided in previous in-person programs.

Act One Theatre Camp will be holding our Summer 2021 camp ONLINE.


I understand that other summer camps are willing and able to make this commitment, but I've decided that it's not something that Act One is looking to do, especially when we had such a successful online program last summer!  There will definitely be options available out there for families looking for in-person programs, but we've decided to continue to offer an alternative, for those families looking for an online option.

And in this day and age, there's no reason that your amazingly talented son or daughter can't do both!  Why not add some variety to their summer, and have them experience both an in-person and online program?!  Shoot... if the in-person program that you want them to attend requires a 10-day to two week quarantine before or after... they could just join us then!!

Of course, your personal situation may change, and there's really no telling what might happen between now and this summer.  If you have any questions about our Refund Policies, please refer to our Act One Camp FAQ page, or contact me, and we'll see what we can do!

Thanks, and stay safe!

-Mr. Josh

April 9th, 2020:

Still have a bunch of questions?

We've got tons of answers for you!

Check out our Act One Camp FAQ page!

Example Final Movie

Wondering how the Final Movie is going to work?

Check out some of the original movies

that we created during summer camp

Written and edited by our summer camp teachers, these fun and entertaining movies are fantastic examples of how we can provide creative and engaging acting opportunities for all of our students.  These actors were given a script and a few pointers on how to film it... and they were off!  Under the supervision and guidance of their teachers, they came up with all of their own make-up, costumes, props, set designs, and accents.  Many of them even had their parents and older siblings chip in to help read lines off-camera, giving the whole family a fun and memorable project that they worked on together during these Stay at Home times.


And it was so easy for the actors to do!

All the footage was shot on cell phones, and sent (free!) to our teachers via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer.


Grab some popcorn and ejoy the shows!


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