Assignment #5

Create a Movie Trailer using any of the footage available on our Master Class website.

  1. Trailer should be for a fictional, made-up movie, however it should not be a trailer for one of our projects.  For example: You can use the footage from "Archer's Excavator" for your fictional movie, but don't make a trailer for "Archer's Excavator".

  2. Final Trailers should be at least one minute long.

  3. No new footage, only footage from our Master Class website.

  4. New Voiceover or Narration is allowed. (And encouraged!)

  5. New Place Cards or Written Descriptions are allowed. (And encouraged!) For example: You can write in some text on a black screen in between some footage that helps to describe your movie ("In a world, where Excavators are Gods...")

  6. New Music is allowed (And encouraged!)

  7. Get Creative!  Make up a brand new movie in your head, and then use our footage to sell that story; make us want to go to the movie theaters to watch it!  Come up with a storyline or plot.  Think of your protagonists and antagonists.  Create A-List Actor names who are starring in your movie.  Does your movie have a production company who made it, or a famous director who created other works?  When does your movie open (in theaters or streaming)?

  8. Watch other trailers to get an idea of how they look.  There are thousands and thousands of trailers available online.  There are also a few trailers below that took existing movies and really turned them on their head.  But do some of your own research for inspiration!

  9. Have fun!

  10. Final Trailers are due by Wednesday night, April 28th


Heading 1

Wildest Glendale

Into the Untamed

Gnomes 2

Silver Where

The Liar