Lyra (Dir) - Jet (Guest Star), Kitchen, "L"

Johnny (Dir) - Lana (Guest Star), Living Room, "E"

Sofia (Dir) - August (Guest Star), Office, "O"

August (Dir) - Lyra (Guest Star), Patio, "G"

Jet (Dir) - Sunny (Guest Star), Driveway, "X"

Sunny (Dir) - Johnny (Guest Star), Bathroom, "P"

Lana (Dir) - Sofia (Guest Star), Garage, "Q"


Film REACTIONS (on location)

Due Date: Saturday night, April 3rd

-Not only will they be responsible for their own film, but all students will be a Guest Star in another students' video where they will be showing various Reactions.

-The Emotions List (available on the class page) will be used for Reactions in the other student's script.

-All students need to film TWO versions of each emotion (30 total)

-All students need to film in their partner's specific location (living room, patio, etc.), but at their own home.  Locations listed above.

-All reactions should be non-verbal, but sounds are GREAT!  ...just no "real words".

-Please announce each emotion before filming (i.e. "Here's 'Surprised'"), and create ONE video file with ALL the emotions to send to me for upload.  Don't send me 30 separate video files.

-Your Editor/Director is counting on you to get your footage in on time, so please make sure to give yourself enough time to film, upload, and send to me!


Write, film, star, and edit an original two-person scene, using your Guest Star's REACTIONS as your second character

Due Date: Wednesday night, April 7th

-Write a two-person scene, with you as the star.  You should be talking, while your Guest Star is only going to give you REACTIONS.

-Use the Emotions List to help you write your scene!  That way you'll know what emotions you'll have available!


1. Finished scene should be at least one minute long, not including beginning or ending credits

2. Needs to take place in a specifically assigned area in/at your home.  Locations listed above.

3. Needs to heavily include an Object that begins with a random letter that was selected in class.  Letters listed above.

4. Needs to include an Major Accusation of some sort.  Use this to help with your writing!

5. Minimum at least five (5) Reactions from your Guest Star required... No limit though.

6. Both characters should exist in the same space/Location (no phone calls between two characters)

7. Scene should only contain two characters: You and your Guest Star.  References to other characters can be made, but they shouldn't be in the scene too much.

-The sky's the limit!  Feel free to do as little or as much as you'd want with your stories: filters, music, special effects, establishing shots, title cards, prologues, epilogues, credits...

-Writing takes time!  Filming takes time!  Editing takes time!  Make sure that you allow yourself enough time for everything!!  Trust me: start sooner, rather than later!

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