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AUDITION Information

Monday, December 5th:

1st - 4th Graders


Wednesday, December 7th:

5th - 8th Graders


Friday, December 9th:



(All grades, by posted announcement)

Location: Holy Cross Hall

What to Prepare:

All Auditioners must prepare THREE items:

1. Sides (character lines from the show) for a character*

2.  Sides from a SECOND character

3.  A song to be song a cappella (with no backup music)

*Sides are available below


Choose TWO characters to read at the audition

-Lines do not need to be memorized.  We'd love it(!), but it's not necessary.  HOWEVER, auditioners should be EXTREMELY FAMILIAR with the text that they'll be reading.

-Auditioners WILL be allowed to bring their sides with them on stage to audition.

-Depending on time, there's a strong possibility that we may only have time for the auditioner to read ONE of their sides.  But please prepare TWO characters just in case!

-We don't have sides available for ALL of the characters in the show.  Please picks the sides that you feel will give you enough material to really show us what you've got!

We'll ask you about your actual role preference at the audition.

-When casting, we are Gender Neutral.  Any actor can play any role, regardless of the actor's gender.

(When auditioning, the teachers will read all of the other characters' lines.

For example: If you're auditioning for "Genie", then the *YOU* will read all of Genie's lines, while the teachers will read all of Aladdin's lines.)


Prepare ONE song to sing a cappella

-Auditioners are strongly encouraged to sing songs from "Aladdin".  A few of the popular songs from this show are available below.

-If you don't want to use an "Aladdin" song, you may sing anything else you like.  A friendly piece of advice: please have your selection be from a musical, and NOT from the radio.  We're NOT looking for pop singers.  Trust us(!)... musical theatre pieces work best!

-Still unsure of what to sing?  It's totally okay to sing "simple" songs:

Happy Birthday

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Jingle Bells

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

-Auditioners will sing a cappella (with no backup music).  Make sure to practice this way before the audition!

-We ask that you prepare 30 seconds to 1 minute of your song.  For the sake of time, we will stop you after one minute.

-Another piece of advice: If you really want to play a character... sing one of their songs for us!  How are we going to know how awesome you are, if you don't show us?!

Examples from "Aladdin"


For some auditioners, the teachers will ask them to come back on Friday so they can see some more.

The Callback List will be posted HERE.

The List will be posted on the evening of Wednesday, December 7th

At the Callbacks, auditioners will be given Sides to read with the other auditioners.  They will also sing for the teachers again.  They're welcome to sing the same song they sang for their original audition, or they can prepare a new song.


However, no additional preparation will be required.

Please note:

Being called back for a certain role does not mean that you are ONLY in consideration for this singular role.  The casting process is a strange beast, and you never know what will happen!


Please don't hesitate to contact the Program Director, Mr. Josh!


(818) 749-0103



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