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Lights! Camera! Act One!

A new ONLINE summer camp which brings the exciting world of theatre, music videos, and filmmaking straight to your living room! Join us for a dynamic and interactive theatre experience for children and teens, ages 6-15, where students spend each day acting, singing, dancing, and more- all online! Students will jump in front of the camera and help create an originally written movie and music video for a world premiere that can be viewed live online by Grandma Georgina down the street... or Uncle George across the country! From the shy wallflower to the class clown: All levels of experience welcomed!

Summer 2021
Session One
June 14 - July 2
(Final Performance Monday, July 5)

Session Two
July 5 - July 23
(Final Performance July 25)

Session Three
July 26 - August 13
(Final Performance August 15)

3 Weeks for


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Ranked #6 on Parade Magazine's "45+ Best Virtual Summer Camps for 2020"

Ranked #4 on "62 Ways to Keep Campers Happy at Home"

Ranked #3 in Smore Magazine's "10 Best Virtual Summer Camps for Kids in 2020"

Featured in Good Housekeeping's "52 Best Virtual Summer Camp Ideas"

Featured on "49 Online Summer Camps for a Virtual Summer"

As seen on "Today in LA" on NBC

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Three Exciting Sessions to Choose From!

Backlot Bananza.jpg

Session One: Backlot Bananza, June 14 - July 2

Welcome to the world famous Act One Studios!  You can practically feel the Hollywood history bubbling beneath your feet as gaze up at the iconic Hollywood sign during your tour of this historic film studio.  You can't wait to see what's next!  Where are the movie stars?  Where are the special effects?  Where... is your tour group?  Uh oh... they're gone!!  They've left you behind, and now you're lost!  You eagerly look around for any sign of them, but you're soon overwhelmed by the chaos and commotion of the largest studio backlot in Hollywood.   You rush down alley after alley, but this place is a labyrinth, and every turn of the corner lands you in a different movie shoot!  Did you just run through a zombie movie?  Was that a superhero you just bumped into?!  Why are there thirty-two singing clowns in a space ship?!!  Will you ever find your way, or are you destined to forever be lost in this Backlot Bananza?!

Adventure Awaits.jpg

Session Two: Adventure Awaits, July 5 - July 23

The old man with the glass eye had warned you, but you didn't listen.  How could he know?  He didn't know - didn't understand - what you had to do.  Nobody does.  No, you were determined to answer this inescapable question that had kept you awake for days: Could the legends actually be true?  You never thought it possible... until now.  Until tonight's mysterious fog revealed your first glimpse at real magic.  And now, staring at the ancient threshold before you, every bone in your body is telling you to turn back.  Maybe the old man was right.  And yet... you feel an indescribable force pulling you closer and closer to the glowing gateway.  Summoning all your courage, you close your eyes and take in a deep breath.  This is your moment.  This is the chance you've been waiting for.  You exhale and open your eyes.  A new courage alights from deep inside you, and you let slip a slight smile as you begin your journey- a journey into the unknown.  A step forward and a peculiar breeze from the gateway drifts to your ears and whispers, "Adventure Awaits!"

Game Show Mania.jpg

Session Three: Game Show Mania, July 26 - Aug 13

You!  Yes, You!  Come on down!  You're the next contestant on "The Masked Wheel of the Chopped Survivor"!  Wait... that can't be right.  Let me read that again. *ahem*  You're the next contestant on "The Price is an Idol Feud"!  Um... the next contestant on, "Whose Amazing Bachelor Voice Is It, Anyways?"  What?!  "So You Think You Can Drag Race, Ninja Warrior?"  Ugh!!  "Gladiator Double Dare"!  What is happening?!!!  No, no, wait!  Please don't change the channel!  I need your help!  All the game shows have gone wack-a-doodle, and I can't make heads or tails out of any of them!  How can I call down the next contestant when the games keep changing?!  How?  How?!!  Oh no... they're changing again!  Now they're getting really weird: "Hollywood Squares in Space", "Time Travel Cash Cab", "Toddler Fear Factor"?  This is madness!  Please help!  I need you to jump into these crazy games and help me fix this.  It's the only way we can stop this Game Show Mania!

A Final Performance online?  How?!

Grab your popcorn and watch!


Campers from around the country are joining us for our summer, winter, and after-school programs!

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Campers also joined us from around the world, including Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, and Saudi Arabia!

Details!  Details!

Meet the Act One Team!

"...this camp has some seriously credentialed thespians teaching kids

through this virtual camp experience."

-32 Ways to Keep Campers Happy at Home

Commercial 2.jpg

Mr. Josh

Camp Director

& Improv Teacher

Mr. Josh has been teaching children's theatre for over 17 years, through summer camps, after-school programs, and his very own Saturday Improv Class.


Mr. Taylor has taught theatre at the Azusa Renaissance Theater, Baldwin Park HS, and is the current Drama Teacher at both Hillside HS and Maranatha HS.


Ms. Stephanie

Design Teacher

A substitute teacher with the Burbank school district, Ms. Stephanie has also enjoyed teaching theater for many years in a variety of roles, from instructor to program director.


Since the age of 14, Ms. Jennifer has worked in musical theatre, film, and television throughout the US, as well as in France and Japan.


Having studied at The New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, Mr. Jason has brought his on-camera training to various camps and studios for seven years and counting.


Ms. Chloe

Assistant Director

A graduate of CSUN, Ms. Chloe has utilized her BA in Psychology and minor in HRM for nine years of administrative assistance in children's theatre programs.

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